About us

AMP Posters founders Simon Hawes and Rick Palmer

The Official AMP Posters Merch Store is owned and run by Alternative Movie Posters Ltd, the home of the alternative movie poster and the world's largest repository of curated alternative film art.

Founded back in 2011 by art school buddies Simon Hawes and Rick Palmer, Alternative Movie Posters Ltd (AMP Posters) embarked on a life-long mission to celebrate the alternative movie art community, showcasing the incredible artists and artwork that make up our ever-growing and thriving art community.

AMP Posters bridges the gap between the entertainment industry and artists worldwide and is responsible for raising the profiles and the opportunities of artists all over the globe since 2011.

We showcase the very best alternative movie posters and the artists who create them via our website www.alternattivemovieposters.com, our social media accounts including Instagram, Threads, X and Facebook and occasionally at live events such as our annual 30X30 Show held in London.

Today we reach millions people a year collectively across all of our channels, and we're only just getting started!

So what's with the Merch Store? 

We're glad you asked young Padawan... The official AMP Posters Merch Store is our chance to make the world a better looking place, one tee at a time, whilst helping to support our mission to celebrate art and artists from the AMP community. By purchasing official merch from our store you are directly helping to support the greatest art community on the planet and you get to look super fresh too! 

Thanks to our partners, our merch is available all over the world, from the U.S.A to the UK and many countries in between, helping to keep shipping costs low and delivery times fast! 

Treat yourself to some official AMP merch and show your allegiance to the greatest art community on the planet! 

Got an idea you want to run past us? Wanna say hi? Drop us a note here.